Tactical Soccer

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Tactical Soccer helps to develop more effective and successful players and coaches across all levels: Youth, High School and College Teams, Development Academy Teams, Amateur and Pro Clubs. We consulted with coaches, soccer associations, academies and clubs to develop relevant tools to address the various needs of a diverse soccer landscape. Designed to improve coaching ability – and to save time For use by a single coach or an entire club A powerful and extensive app (not a website) Works offline / no internet connection required Easily create exercises, set pieces, training sessions, match formations, line-ups, strategies and more. Your tactics library is secure in cloud storage Drills / practices / pre-match strategy / sideline adjustments / post-match education Total flexibility in naming any tactic / easily edit any exercise / extensive search capability Powerful animation that’s easy to use Build a tactical and training library and consolidate player, team and match data. All of your exercises, set pieces, line-ups, etc. in a single place Create and maintain all player, team & scheduling details No need to re-create from scratch every season Create and analyze statistics Easy to use match scorebook – for coach, team statistician or parent. Analyze key metrics (shots, saves, tackles, cautions, etc.) Create player & match reports (PDF) Evaluate and share match & season statistics Easily share info with your players, other coaches and parents Training sessions Practice / match schedule Match formations & strategies Statistics, player analysis, match reports etc.