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Discover famous classics, cities and other beautiful places around the globe via the Tacx Desktop app from the comfort of your own living room! After you’ve created an account on the Tacx Cloud website (cloud.tacx.com, subscribing is free), you can download and ride the high quality Tacx Films using this application. While you see the route going by on your screen at your own speed, the trainer’s resistance is adjusted to the grade in the video. When you are done with your training, the results will be stored on the Tacx Cloud website where you can analyse and export to Strava. Features Tacx Desktop app: - Play high quality Tacx Films - Ride with opponents - Live performance data (speed, cadence, power)  Features Tacx Cloud website: - Community: follow your friends! - Data analysis - Upload to Strava - Activities: overview with all performed trainings   Compatibility: This application is compatible with Tacx Smart trainers and sensors with Bluetooth 4.0.