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Attach any tag (e.g., logo, icon or picture) to your mouse pointer. The tag follows your pointer whenever it goes. Examples: - During a slide presentation, you can have a company logo right next to the mouse pointer at all time. Good for PR. - Light up your day in office by attaching the pointer with an icon or picture of choice. Mood changing! Family photo? Pets? Cute icons? No problem. All can be attached to your mouse pointer. - Change the outlook of mouse pointer by dressing it with various icons or pictures - holiday items, memorabilia, family pictures, animals, cartoons, catchy phrases. Pretty much anything you can think of. Premium features include: - Over 3,000 built-in tags are available for a quick spin. You can also load any picture you want to be a tag. - Settings of tags can be customized - size, transparency, orientation, monochrome, distance from mouse pointer, etc. - Tags can be animated. Make a vivid impression to your audience! - The mouse pointer is tagged even when you’re running other apps. So you can use the customized pointer in different environments. - All preferred settings are saved automatically so upon re-launch everything stays the way it was. Easy to use, customizable and useful. Hope you enjoy it! Don’t forget to visit TheApps4U.com for more apps!