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Tagsom Edutainment: - Learning App for Kids with Fun Features Help your kids in enhancing their learning skills in a fun way. Yes! Our edutainment app is specially designed to build the reading and writing skills of the kids with the help of educational games and science for kid’s stories. The kids’ story book app offers interactive platform where children can listen and read stories to practice alphabets and also play with words and numbers to increase their memory power. Our children reading app comprises of mini games, educational stories and simple questions that not only develop the kids’ reading and writing skills but also help them in discovering the amusement of learning. Features · Colorful educational app to help kids in learning alphabets and numbers · Learning Games For Kids to enhance their reading, writing and learning skills · Great mode of education for preschoolers and toddlers Our science for kids story books educate your child to discover the world around them and also help to get answers to their everyday thoughts. Some of the interesting stories: 1. Blood: - The story teaches the children about bruises and blood. 2. Germs: - It educates the kids how germs are responsible for illness and encourages them to develop the habit of washing the hands. 3.Sleep: - In this story, Sarah will explore why we need to sleep and why we age? 4. Space: - Kids can find out the answers like can we really travel in space, explore the solar system and other planets? 5.Living things: -. Do we really have to eat? What makes something alive? This science for kid’s story covers all the answers related to living things. 6. Evolution: - Did your children know that their relatives were apes? Our evolution story book tells the kids everything about evolution since the earth was created. 7. Seasons: - Kids will surely love the exciting journey of Sarah & Anna and learn about the different climate and seasons 8. Stars: - Did your kids ask strange questions about stars and sky? Then join your kids with Sarah and Anna to discover more about stars. 9. Smell: - Educate your kids about different smells that can make us happy and sick. The story also covers exciting games for kids. 10. Hospital: - Find what happens to Sarah and Anna when they become a doctor for a day. 11. body :- Kids will love this adventure story to explore more about human body with Sarah. 12. Moon:- discover why moon changes its shape and many more interesting facts with our moon story. Our each children book app story can be retrieved through three different levels that help you in understanding the ability and growth of your child. · Level 1 (3 Games) It focuses on learning letters based on audio only mode. This level has alphabet and numbers games for kids that helps the kids in recognising letters, count from 0-15 and remember the right answers. · Level 2 (4 Games) The second level is 1 level up of difficulty and focuses on learning about words with the help of spelling, math and question mode games. These alphabet games for kids are beneficial in boosting the child’s development and confidence level. · Level 3 (3 Games) The Third level is designed for improving reading and writing skills of the children. Here, child will read stories and type the answers on a keyword to improve their reading speed as well as writing accuracy. Give a try to Tagsom Edutainment app! You won’t ever regret your decision. Download the app today Your opinion is important to us. If you have suggestions, tips, ideas or feedback regarding the online Tagsom Edutainment app, please contact us: mikkel.gerdes@gmail.com. We look forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions. Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tagsomedutainment/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TagsomEdu Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tagsomedutainment/ Visit our website: https://www.tagsom.com We look forward to hearing from you!