Take A Break, Please

OS X 10.8
Staring at your computer for too long is not good, and Take A Break, Please is a simple menubar app that forces* you to take your break. You can configure time between breaks and the duration of the break. When the scheduled break starts, the app will dim your screen and prompt you to take a short break. Take that time to stand up, do some stretching, take a walk, or get yourself a cup of coffee. *As the app attempts to force you to take a break, there's no easy way to leave the break screen. If you are really determined to work during the break... well, you can brighten up your screen to the max, and terminate the app from the menubar. But, take a break, please? #features: - simple, easy to use interface - configurable work and break period - displays time left for current work period - displays notification a minute before the break - launch at login For support or feedback: redtailedpony@gmail.com