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Life is full of interruptions. How many times have you realized that your headphones are silent because you’d forgotten to un-pause your music? Take Five is a simple utility that automatically fades your music back in after 5 minutes. Take Five supports music pausing and auto-resume in the most popular Mac audio applications such as iTunes, Ecoute, Pulsar, Radium, Rdio & Spotify. Never again let a call from your Mom, lolcat videos or visits from your boss put your music on permanent pause. When it comes to your music, silence is not golden. FEATURES: • Launch the app to start pausing your tunes for 5 minutes • Quickly change pause time from seconds up to 30 minutes • Take Five supports iTunes, Ecoute, Pulsar, Radium, Rdio & Spotify • Click Take Five’s dock icon to pause/play anytime throughout the day • Instantly resume music by sliding timer to 0 or clicking album art • Hot key prefs to play/pause, show/hide iTunes & start/stop the timer • Preferences to adjust the default timer from 1 to 30 minutes • Option to display track info when changing in iTunes • Beautiful, minimal interface won’t get in the way while you work • Soft fade in when audio restarts