TamTam Messenger

OS X 10.10.0
TamTam is a simple but powerful Messenger available on any platform. Whatever communication you like; texting, voice or video calls, TamTam Messenger will keep you connected even when there’s a slow Internet connection. We have created thousands of fun stickers to help you share your emotions, and if you are not in the mood to chat; we have channels too! Here are some cool reasons to try TamTam Messenger: CHATS: Invite up to 20 000 members to public or private chats Assign up to 50 chat administrators Quoting, fast reply, forwarding and read receipts STICKERS: Thousands of fun animated stickers New stickers every day! We also have tons of GIFs AUDIO AND VIDEO CALLS: Video & audio calls with no additional charges! All you need is Internet. SECURITY: All messages are encrypted and stored in distributed network of servers. Own protocol to transmit any private data. Well-known protection algorithms, like TLS cryptographic protocol. CHANNELS: Create channels, add unlimited number of members and post whatever you like. Assign administrators to help you managing your channel. Use a channel with no link for notes or chatting with yourself. MULTIPLATFORM: Desktop client Web-version Mobile apps EASY-PEASY TO USE: Fast sign in via mobile number or Gmail Offline access Unlimited space in a cloud Sending files up to 2 GB with no compression Fast search through chats, channels and dialogs Short links for profiles, chats and channels Built in picture-in-picture video player TamTam Messenger has no ads More coming soon! We are cooking some great new features for you right now, use TamTam Messenger and stay tuned. Feel free to ping us for any questions on tt.me/support or team@tamtam.chat