Tank Amazing 3D : Online Battle 2016

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Are you a fan of Tank? Do you want the magic firing gun game? Do you love cannon? Do you like crazy destroy the enemy? Tank Amazing 3D is made for you!!!! You will drive a tank to destroy other enemy tank by your magic cannon. There are so many weapons including Laser weapon with an amazing graphic, great effect, pretty light. It will make you love in crazy. Many levels from easy to hard, many many missions to play. Join the battle and become a hero right now. LOOK WHAT'S WAITING FOR YOU: - Nice world - Great 3D graphics - Nice and real tank - Great Cannon effect - Option to upgrade your weapon - Many Tank with high AI - Left and Right joystick - Vibrate when destroyed - Ranking board 5 Worlds follow the real event in history (Just the name ^.^): - GREAT WAR: Great northern war in Europe, Russia become an Empire. - WORLD WAR: Allied vs Axis, United State and Soviet become the Super power. - MODERN WAR: The tank war that all modern weapon will be used. - COLD WAR: The war between USA and Soviet. - LASER WAR: The war in the future, laser tank, laser wall, laser cannon, laser tower will be used. And more and more in the future update. Join the battle and save the world right now, you will become a hero Like and visit us on page: https://www.facebook.com/GNIK.chanel Have fun.