Tank Battle: 1944

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Instantly get involved in the action by joining the Allied invasion of Europe during the Second World War. Take command of an American battle group during WW2 in this turn based strategy wargame and help liberate Europe from the evil Axis power-base! Key Game Features: ● 8 Mission Rising Storm Campaign. ● 12 Mission American Campaign. ● 12 Mission German campaign ● 12 Mission Bastogne campaign. ● 12 Mission Northern Front campaign. ● 12 Mission Iron Cross campaign. ● 12 Mission Bombardment campaign. ● 12 Mission Juggernaut campaign. ● 13 Unique Units. ● High Definition World War II Graphics. ● Hours of Gameplay. ● 10 Pass & Play Multiplayer Scenarios. Find us on Facebook: facebook.com/hexwar Follow us on Twitter: @HexWarGames © 2015 HexWar Games Ltd. All Rights Reserved.