Tap Beats Techno

OS X 10.6.6
+++THE FIRST TECHNO RHYTHM GAME+++ Tap Beats presents the next installment of it's hit rhythm game combined with one of the hottest trends in music today, Techno! The wildest tracks with the heaviest bass lines and blazing synths will turn your computer into a party machine! Click to the beat, max your combo bar, and score insane points! AWESOME FEATURES + GET HYPE WITH THE BEST TECHNO TRACKS: Click along with the beat, keep your rhythm and find glory as a Techno DJ! + MAD MUSIC: A dozen of the heaviest high powered Techno songs you have ever heard! Earn credits based on your performance and unlock the more difficult tracks! + INDIVIDUAL RATINGS: Try to achieve three stars on every song to truly master the game! + PSYCHEDELIC VISUALS: HD Particle Effects dazzle the brain while you try to keep up with the beat! The newest and hottest rhythm game is Tap Beats Techno! The only game bringing you the Techno hits like you've never heard them before!