Tap Crush Jewels

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Tap Crush Jewels is the most dazzling Match 3 Puzzle Game ever made! Embrace the bling, max out your combo bar, and collect a fortune in treasure! Click any combination of 3 or more jewels and set off a chain reaction of destruction and special effects! Max out your Combo Bar to enter into the insane Glitter Mode mode! Click as fast as you can because all jewels will be destructible! + MATCH JEWELS and earn mega points! Simple to learn but hard to master! + TWO GAMEPLAY STYLES including Classic and Blitz will keep you coming back for more! + EXPERIENCE GLITTER MODE where all jewels are destructible! + EASY TO PLAY simple one click gameplay! + LIGHTNING FAST performance and response time! 3D Jewels and HD Interface! + SPARKLING particle effects and HQ Soundtrack make it all the more exciting! Tap Crush Jewels is simply the most fun and addicting matching game to ever exist! Fast-paced, family friendly fun for all!