Tap ‘n’ Pop 3: Balloon Adventures

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Tap 'n' Pop 3 is finally here! Incredible, 8 different game challenges, gorgeous graphics and smooth gameplay. Over 500 levels will keep you popping for hours. You simply have to try this game! Game types/challenges - Pop total number of balloons (here you have to pop certain number of balloons) - Uncover the speakers (pop the balloons above speakers to hear divine Blues Guitar Sounds) - Reach the points (collect enough points to complete this level) - Release the Hot Air Balloons (guide the Hot Air Balloons to the top of the board) - Remove the bubbles (pop the bubbles above balloons) - 1-2-3 (remove numbered balloons in sequence) - Pop required number of balloons of certain color - Large groups (remove required number of balloons with one move) Each level can be either time limited or you will have a limited number of moves to reach your goal! Weather you played the classic Tap 'n' Pop game or you are new to it - you will be able to pick it up right away. You will love the unique gameplay, tons of levels and gorgeous graphics