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The new generation cassette prototyper. TapeLister is designed to enable you to make the most effective sonic arrangement possible for your next tape masterpiece. Ideal for music producers and arrangers who need to prototype their cassettes quickly. With TapeLister you can import audio in a wide-range of formats, arrange it into sides A & B, and then balance the sides to ensure a seamless sonic experience. TapeLister's transport mimics that of a hardware cassette deck, with forward and reverse playback control, side-end auto-flip and emulation of tape noise and leader gaps. Features of TapeLister include: TAPE BALANCING TOOLS - Playlists for sides A & B are displayed clearly, giving indication of how much space there is left to fill on the shorter side. - Tracks can be moved on their own side or to the tape's other side. Multiple tracks may be selected simultaneously. - Side duration and total cassette duration are calculated automatically when tracks are added, removed or rearranged. REAL CASSETTE TRANSPORT - A tape can be played forwards and in reverse, with playback commencing from where it would if it were a real cassette. - Playback may also commence from any track on the tape with a double-click. - The tape may be set to continue automatically onto side B or to loop continuously. - Tape noise, leader gaps and transport pauses are included to get as close to the cassette listening experience as possible. TAPE PERSONALISATION - Add artist and release names to your cassette, alongside any image in the tape's banner. SELF-CONTAINED FILE FORMAT - All audio and image media are saved within TapeLister's .tape file format, allowing for simple sharing with collaborators, music industry bods and promo-types.