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*** SALE! Get Taskly at a very low Launch Price right now *** Taskly lives in your Menu Bar and helps you Get. It. Done. "Taskly is perfect for me who easily lose focus during the day, and panic at night realizing I didn't get my daily studies done" - Student "Being self-employed and deciding when to put in my hours Taskly really helps me plan my work day, focus and get stuff done" - Developer Allocate time for your daily tasks with Tasklys simple and intuitive UI. 1. Start your productive day by writing the tasks you ought to do. 2. Set the duration you want to spend on each of your tasks throughout the day. 3. Hit play and start accomplishing your tasks. The active task will be visible in your Menu Bar with a countdown to keep you focused on what to do and how much time's left to do it. Add as many tasks as you want and play and pause them as you like, but make sure you complete them all before the day is over. The sound of success will cheer you on as you complete each task and Get. It. Done. Features: - Customize app UI (background & text colors) - Add unlimited amount of tasks - Set countdowns for each task - Play/Pause each task - Edit task descriptions and countdowns - Manually mark tasks as completed - Remove tasks - Re-order list of tasks - Clear all tasks - Clear menu bar countdown only - Navigate freely in list - Toggle completion sound on/off - Toggle Auto-start Taskly on system startup - List of completed tasks - Clear completed tasks history - Hotkeys Please, don't forget to review, rate and share Taskly. Any feedback, suggestions or questions? fagerstomapps@gmail.com