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# The most simple and elegant way to keep notes and tasks. ## All your notes and reminders in one place. ### iCloud enabled Sometimes a note is nothing more than a reminder or a todo - so why use two different applications or one of those jam-packed GTD apps, when your notes App can do that for you? TaskNotes has been designed for speed, ease of use and most important of all - to keep your notes and tasks (reminders) in sync. That's why I am already working on an iPhone companion App… If needed - just add due dates to notes. And TaskNotes will remind you… TaskNotes, of course, also supports Markdown. You can import and export: Text Documents Word Documents HTML Documents Rich Text Documents Markdown Documents You can print (formatted). You can create notes from clipboard. You can use NV's shortcuts. You can use it as a Menu bar App. It also supports right to left writing direction. And it can be operated completely by keyboard. Have I already mentioned, that it's iCloud enabled?