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Task Manager Application Allow you to create you projects list, and for each project you can create a list of tasks, and you monitor your task progress through time. The Application can generate Tasks Reports showing the overall wight of the task from the whole project, and each application used while doing this task. Also a project report can be generated to show the tasks distribution of the the project as a whole. You can store your projects info locally or in our server, as shared apps, the shared app will stay private app unless you assign it to another employee. You can create free accounts that only store projects in the server, also you can subscript to a plan using Auto-Renew subscription provided by Apple™ In-App-Purchase. The subscription allows to create team and add members to your team, also you can assign projects to these members, and monitor there progress and time. The subscription will automatically renewed within 24 four prior to the end of the current period unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period, from the account settings. The subscription plans include four plans based on subscription duration: - Monthly Subscription : subscribe for one month only, and it will automatically renewed unless user turned it off at least 24 hours before the month ends. - Three Months Subscription : This plan allows to manage your team for three months without any further payment. - Six Months Subscription : the plan last for six months and it is renewed automatically each six months, unless auto renewal is turned off. - One Year Subscription : This plan length is twelve months (one year), it is renewed automatically each year, unless auto renewal is turned off. Check our FQA, privacy policy, and terms of service for more information about TasksManager accounts and fees http://aaqsoftware.com/tm/ Regards AAQSoftware Developers