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Starting today, managing your tattoo shop is a breeze thanks to Tattoo Studio. It has been designed to be your personal assistant, able to manage your appointments calendar, suppliers, tattoo artists as well as the inventory of your store and to keep under control all the entries and exits made, allowing you to better manage the your finances. Customer module The customer module, allows you to record all the data related to your customers, as are the name, city address, mobile phone etc etc. In this version it is also possible to associate the client with the tattoo he wants, as well as the color of the skin and his health condition. We all know that not all skin types react the same way to tattoo ink. It is also possible to associate the client with the tattoo artist assigned according to the style of the chosen tattoo. Tattooer module Knowing how many workers in your studio, as an employee or freelancer, is very important to keep the efficiency of your business under control. For each of them it is possible to assign a picture or image of the profile, as well as the specialty in the art, the salary assigned or the value now if it is a freelancer. The function of customer association is very useful to know who the customers are tattooed by him, also because in case of problem this function allows to go back to the source with a simple click. Provider module Keeping in mind all your suppliers and what they sell, it can sometimes be a very difficult task. Being organized is part of the success of your business. Tattoo Studio's supplier module helps you keep a record of trusted suppliers, the products they offer, including a detailed description for each product. From the form you can directly send an email to your supplier with a simple click. The supplier information can be printed at will. Inventory module Keeping your store inventory under control will help you save a lot of money because you will be able to know how you are using your business resources. The form allows you to register the name of the product, its description, the photo, the supplier, the quantity in existence, the price, and set an under-product warning. The inventory module also counts with a convenient internal browser for quick searches on the Internet, without having to leave the program. Album module Tattoo Studio also offers you the possibility to create a tattoo album (printable) to show your customers. It is possible to save the tattoo image, the name, as well as the number of colors and of course the price for its execution. Skin module Knowing the condition of the customer's skin is essential to achieve the best possible final result. Remember that the tattoo once done can not be removed so easily. Knowing the color first as well as certain allergic conditions will help you make the best decision, avoiding even serious problems with your client that can compromise the good name of your practice. A utility palette in the module will help you choose the skin color that is closest to your client's. Recipe module After a long tattoo session, making a hand receipt can sometimes be heavy. Tattoo Studio gives you a hand with a useful function of automatic receipt, where you can describe the type of service or product sold, the price, the tattoo sessions etc. The numbering of the receipt is autmatic and can be printed with the logo and data of your study. Appointment module Manage your calendar appointments with this useful module, which allows you to have an overview of your business. At any time you will know how to manage your work commitments or appointments with your suppliers or clients. You will leave nothing random at all.