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Look to Tealeaves to help you perceive the future management of your clients with Infusionsoft. Tealeaves is a plugin for Apple's Mail that adds a panel to the right of your mail window giving you immediate access to the details about your client that are stored in your Infusionsoft application. Increase the effectiveness of your workflow right now! You can also add new customers directly into Infusionsoft from the plugin. This allows you to ensure that any new customers you receive email from can be quickly added to Infusionsoft without disrupting your workflow to have to go into the Infusionsoft site. You can view any existing Tasks, Notes, Filebox, Follow-Up Sequences and Tags that you have previously entered for customers. And right from Mail you can add new Tasks, Notes or Tags and even start and Follow-Up Sequence without leaving Mail. Please note that Tealeaves is now a subscription-based application, available for $10 per month.