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TeamWox Communicator is an instant messenger application for the TeamWox groupware system. Communicate with your colleagues easily and securely, exchange data and work on your tasks together. Share images, send contracts and invoices or simply exchange text messages via the Chat function. Call your colleagues and stay informed about all TeamWox events. Security All messages and phone calls are encrypted. No need to worry about the privacy of transmitted data. Contacts All employees are conveniently grouped by company departments in the Communicator contacts list. You do not need phone books any more. Calls Call your colleagues, partners or clients via the Communicator. You can arrange a conference call, make a call on a second line or transfer your call to another employee or even an entire department. Chats Chat with your colleagues, invite them to chat groups and solve your tasks together. Share your documents, videos, images and other files directly in a chat. TeamWox Events Receive notifications of events occurring in the TeamWox system directly in your Communicator. Track and access your tasks by simply clicking a notification. Status If you do not want to be distracted from a business meeting, add a note on your status. A status is also displayed in the TeamWox system. Your colleagues will always be aware of your current tasks.