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Template large collection platform, including a variety of common templates in the world. Engaged in commercial, service, design, sales, a large number of teachers and other professionals can be used. Now more than 500+ professional templates, every week we will update the template. ~ Keynote template ~ Pages template ~ Numbers template Advanced writing tools and easy page layout features, outstanding performance Pages document far more than words. Use the formula function, one-click charts and a variety of table selection, Numbers spreadsheet to help you get more from your data. New cinematic animations and a variety of transition effects, Keynote presentation exciting enough to make your audience dizzy spin. ~ PowerPoint Templates Users can not only demonstrate on the projector or computer, you can print out the presentation, made into a film in order to apply to a wider range of fields. You can create not only the use of Powerpoint presentations, face to face meetings may also be convened on the Internet, teleconferencing or online presentation to the audience. ~ Word template Word processing software. It is considered the main Office programs. It has a dominant share of the word processing software market. Its proprietary DOC format revered as an industry standard ~ Excel template Excel built a variety of functions that can be a lot of data to classify, sort, and even draw diagrams, etc. Like Microsoft office Word, it has a dominant share in the market. ~ iBooks Author template iBooks Author brings revolution, anyone can use it to provide many templates or self-built e-books, including the insertion of audio, video, 3D objects, etc., multimedia content, but also can take advantage of HTML, Javascript and other technologies, All operations are WYSIWYG style. Use Multi-Touch widgets you can add interactive photo galleries, movies, Keynote presentations, 3D projects and more elements. ~ Photoshop Templates Adobe Photoshop digital image processing mainly composed of pixels. Using its many editing and drawing tools that can effectively image editing. ps there are many features in various aspects of the image, graphics, text, video, publishing, etc. are involved. ~ Illustrator template Adobe illustrator is a used in publishing, multimedia and online industry standard vector image illustration software, as a very good image processing tools, Adobe Illustrator is widely used in printing and publishing, book publishing posters, professional illustrator, image processing and multimedia production and other Internet page also provides high accuracy and control for the artwork, designed for the production of any small to large and complex projects. thank you Our platform will change your habits.