Templates Bundle for Office

OS X 10.6
As a good helper for MS Office users, Templates Bundle for Office provides a large collection of well-designed templates to let you easily make MS Word documents, MS PowerPoint presentations and MS Excel spreadsheets. Just choose one template from the 500+ custom-made MS Word, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint templates, and type or paste your content, you will effortlessly create an Office file in seconds. • Templates for MS Word You can make full use of the Word templates to create an Office Word document for personal and business use, as Templates Bundle for Office contains 300+ pre-designed Word templates in the most common categories, like Business Card, Envelope & Letter and Invoice, to Calendar, Invitation & Card and Resume, and more. Available in the US and international page sizes like US letter and A4. - 26 Business Card templates - 14 2014-Year Calendar templates - 36 Card templates - 48 Coordinated Form templates including Agenda/ Fax / Memo - 52 Envelope & Letter templates including Envelope / Letter - 37 Invitation templates for kinds of occasion: Birthday, Party, Wedding and Business Event - 54 Invoice templates including Purchase Order / Invoice / Packing Slip / Quote / Work Order - 5 Poster templates - 32 Report Cover templates - 21 Resume templates • Templates for MS Excel Templates Bundle for Office offers 60+ MS Excel templates and you can easily take advantage of pre-defined functions and formulas in the MS Excel templates to make the daily work efficiently. The Excel templates cover Budget, Calendar, Invoice, Graph Paper and To-do list, and more. - 10 Budget templates - 10 Calendar templates - 5 Expenses templates - 4 Form List templates - 8 Graph Paper templates - 12 Invoice templates - 4 Label templates - 6 To-do List templates - 4 Tracker templates • Templates for MS PowerPoint The templates for MS PowerPoint contain not only beautiful backgrounds but also suited fonts and layouts. It includes kinds of MS PowerPoint templates, 130+, like Business, Children, Holiday, Love, Simple and Scenery. You can utilize the pre-designed high-quality MS PowerPoint templates to make a unique PowerPoint presentation for different situations. - 55 Business templates - 25 Children templates - 27 Holiday templates - 26 Love templates - 26 Scenery templates - 20 Simple templates - 4 Animation templates ** Requires Microsoft Office Installed.