Templates for iBooks Author Publisher Edition

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Templates for iBooks Author Publisher Edition is a collection of 50 high quality, spectacular templates for Apple’s application for book creation and publishing. Select the perfect looking design you like, add your text, images and publish your own book on iBookstore! All the designs are easily customisable and allow you to use iBooks Author capabilities to the maximum. Using the designs, it is very easy to insert text, graphics or even movies. You can change colors, fonts, styles just the way you like, making your work look just the way you want it to look. All themes include multiple layouts, so you will definitely find one to suit your needs. From different layouts of paragraphs to photo pages and so on. Bring content to life using wide range of designs and iBooks Author capabilities within couple of clicks! *Requires iBooks Author Want to share some feedback, need help, or want to give us some praise? Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TemplatesHero/