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- Auto Mode changes tempo periodically both up and down for serious speed training. - Spice it up with various click sounds, time signatures, accents and rests. - Save your favourite tempo, time signatures and auto mode settings in nine memory slots. - Tap tempo to find that precise beat in your head. During use, the clicks synchronise to your tapping. - Resize the window for bigger interface or go straight to to full screen mode. - Tempos from 20 to 360 bpm. Set the tempo - Click on large arrows above and below the tempo value. - Drag the numeric value up/down with the mouse. - Press Up/Down to change by 5 bpm. The value is rounded first, so you can move between numbers ending with zero or five. - Press Left/Right to change by 1 bpm. - Press Enter, type in the value and press Enter again to confirm. Play and stop - Press Spacebar to play and stop or use the button on screen. Notes and accents - Click on time signature to change. - Click on notes to cycle between accented note, normal note and rest. Auto mode - Auto mode changes tempo periodically which is useful for speed training. You can set the bpm amount and time interval. - Press A or click the auto mode button to start. - Click on bpm and time interval to type in value or drag the value up/down with your mouse. Presets - Save your favourite tempos, time signatures and auto mode settings in nine memory slots. - Press S to save current preset. This will save tempo, time signature, accents and auto mode settings. - Press Cmd+1 to Cmd+9 to save current settings as another preset. - Press 1 to 9 from keyboard to load a preset. - Press P to cycle between presets. Sounds and volume - Press O to cycle between available click sounds. - Press Cmd+, to open Settings and choose sound from list. - Drag volume slider or press Cmd+Up/Down or Cmd+Left/Right to change volume. Tap tempo - Click TAP button or press T or Backspace at least three times in a row with more or less constant interval. New tempo is calculated as average of your last taps. Click light - Press V to toggle click light. Full screen mode - Press F to enter or leave full screen mode. Escape also leaves full screen.