Tender Manager

OS X 10.12
Tender Manager TMdB is designed to be a low cost, simple to use, easy to learn tool for the evaluation of tenders using the Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT) methodology. The following main features are available: - Develop hierarchical evaluation trees that can be expanded and collapsed - Create custom Assessments, Assessment Descriptors & Assessment Scores - Define, Score, Normalise and Weight both Priced and Non-Priced tender components - Customise the Normalisation Factor - Customise the Priced & Non-Priced weightings schema - Customise score resolution - Use Drag n Drop for efficient restructuring of Category/Element relationships during tender Setup - Identify and record risks, consistent with ISO 31000, against each assessment element - Customise the Likelihood/Consequence risk matrix - Document/manage questions to tenderers - Email direct from TMdB - Customise risk/question owners and status - View statistics pie graphs for the database - Save statistics as image files (png, jpeg, tiff & gif) - Create printed reports with customisable content (including print to PDF) - Save reports as RTF or Doc files to be further customised by more specialised word processors - Use context-sensitive menus and keyboard shortcuts to enhance productivity - Export risks to CSV files using customisable delimiters - import to Risk Manager RMdB - Tab bar for multiple opened databases (macOS Sierra users only)