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Tessa extracts text from your image or pdf documents, processing each page multiple times, to optimise recognition, so that the time you spend in proofreading and correcting mistakes is minimised. The editing tools available in the app allow you to modify pages before they are processed, so that you can whiten out un-needed areas and limit recognition to a specific part of your page While the basic version of the app limits recognition to one page at a time, a single in-app upgrade to premium, unlocks the ability to process multiple pages in a single go. Upgrading to premium also removes ads, and unlocks functionality to edit the output text in the app itself, prior to saving. Tessa comes with data for multiple languages pre-bundled. The following languages are currently available: English Afrikaans Cherokee Danish Dutch Finnish French German Inuktitut Italian Norwegian Portuguese Russian Spanish Swedish Turkish Tessa processes each page multiple times to improve recognition results, however, please note that the output depends on the input quality and even in the best of scenarios, should still be proofread for corrections. Tessa works well with documents printed using commonly used fonts and does not do well with handwritten documents or those using ornamental or other fancy fonts.