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Tessitura Pro contains ALL existing scales and modes in Music !!! 333 source scales / 1948 scales, modes, triads and sevenths in total "A must-have for all musicians and teachers" The world of music scales and modes just got more interesting! Tessitura Pro is a powerful tool for students, jazz players, arrangers and composers. Study scales, modes and melodic patterns like never before. Tessitura may be used with any instrument. It includes standard music notation, w/transposition for any transposing instrument, piano keyboard panel, guitar fretboard and guitar tabs. This app is ideal for Jazz improvisation and composition. Play and write modern lines that no other player has ever used before. Take your music skills to the next level. From the creators of Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro comes another great tool for the music student and teacher. Tessitura Pro offers infinite practice patterns for any scale, chord, or any other kind of music structure you can imagine. All the structures in music are here. Investigate new scales and modes and how they all related to each other. Create Melodic Patterns using step-skip patterns with approaches and escape tones for improvisation and composition. The combinations are infinite. Practice and study over the 12 keys using different modulation schemes or over all the modes of a scale. Discover which Upper Structure Triads, Quartals, Sevenths Chords to use for improvisation and chord voicings building. Do you want to learn where you can use the Major or Minor Pentatonics in a solo? or how to use Upper Structure Triads in chord voicings or improvisation? Do you want to practice technique and scales: Imagine Hanon in all keys, scales and modes, and then raise it to the power of 10!! It's all in Tessitura Pro. An endless source of materials to study and practice. Learn music structures from a new perspective. Understand the relationship between modes in structures over the circle of fifths or the circle of fourths. Tessitura pro includes ALL scales and modes. If you use Tessitura Pro on iOS, you know there are hundreds of scales and modes, patterns with chromatic and diatonic approaches. On this version we've taken it to the ultimate level, including ALL existing scales and modes in Music, many more patterns, rhythms, and rhythmic displacement, duple and triple meters, standard and more complex approaches that now also have escape tones which will let you create interpolations, etc Tessitura Pro also analyzes the intervalic weight on any structure, which is a great tool for composition and improvisation. Develop your ears and practice scales with or without approach notes, arpeggios, chords and any structure you can imagine. Use it as a source of inspiration for improvisation and composition. An app that takes on the world of music structures in a unique and profound way. Some of the concepts you can study and practice with Tessitura Pro are: Scale and Source Scales Bi-Triadic Hexatonic Scales Modes Melodic Patterns Triads and 7ths chords Arpeggios Approach notes Escape notes (for interpolation) Upper Structure Triads Upper Structure Quartals Step Skip Patterns with Inversion and Retrograde Chord-Tones vs Tensions Chord-scales Intervalic weight Degrees Rhythmic Variation and Hemiolas