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A Simple and Easy application for adding texts to Gif , Animated Images very easily and quickly. Just post a Gif with colorful and stylish texts to match your mood, your car, your dress or the weather... Light weight App that optimized to minimize the energy Impact to save your mac battery life. You can export as Gif with text How To Use? > Simply upload a Gif Photo > Add some text, a caption. or any words to match the Gif. > Select any font color or style you like > Drag your text around the photo. > Save it on You mac to Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Email later. > Double Tap to Remove any caption from Photo ------Some Awesome Features:------ > You can upload one photo from the Computer > As many as 1.6 million font color combinations are available > More Than 300 font styles are available > Adds text very easily and quickly > Resize and move text > Change the text color, size, and font > Add text captions to your Gif (for free!) > Text size is changeable > Text color is changeable > Text's background color is changeable > More Than 900 plus text backgrounds are available > Resize Text easily > Move your text around the image to find the perfect position > Simple and easy to use > No ads > No need to download fonts or themes > No character limits > You can arrange the position of multiple texts at once by dragging your text on image