TFA Pure – Time-Frequency Analysis

OS X 10.6.6
TFA Pure is identical to the app "TFA - Time-Frequency Analysis" but without the Digital-Down-Converter (DDC). TFA is the unique software for sharp joint time-frequency analysis with the aim to overcome the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. So in addition to the conventional use of the FFT the real highlight of TFA is a new transformation algorithm (DXP) that provides a much smaller time-frequency uncertainty product in a wide field of analysis tasks through all scientific disciplines. Appart from time analysis, frequency analysis and sharp time-frequency analysis the software can be used to extract time regions, frequency regions and time-frequency regions to a new file or a new TFA instance eg. for further analysis. Several markers and also harmonic markers allow to measure signal properties that are usually hidden for common software products. TFA can convert real valued signals into complex ones and vice versa. TFA can read and write several formats eg. the WAV-Format but also including Text-files that are often used for storing scientific numerical series. The app is also ideal if signals and time series are not defined via a sampling frequency but a sampling period like it is often done in geo sciences. TFA is a helpfull tool for all kinds of scientific research and development in egineering fields. Use TFA to analyze human speech signals, bat’s calls, technical communication signals, sunspot series, insolation series, musical instruments or for error diagnostics in the fields of signal processing and unlimited more. Hint: After the installation please read a few sentences in the manual’s chapter “Installation Mac” to extract the demo files and more from the package. The pictures below show a few examples addressing the uncertainty reduction: Figure 1: Speech Signal, FFT – 2048 Bins Figure 2: Speech Signal DXP – 4096 Bins but only 256 Samples. So the uncertainty product compared to FFT is only a sixteenth part. Figure 3: Communication Signal, FFT 256 Bins Figure 4: Communication Signal, DXP - FFT 2048 Bins but only 32 Samples. So the uncertainty product compared to FFT is only 1/64 part. Figure 5: An auxiliary mulipurpose window Further information and further examples can be read on the support site. If there are any questions, please write an eMail. IMPORTANT: TFA runs on OSX versions 10.9 and newer. Older OSX versions are not supported.