The ART of EDM For Logic Pro X

OS X 10.9
Do you want to learn EDM? Would you like to learn it from one of the coolest dance music producers on the planet? Who doesn’t?! Well, sit back and learn some amazing artistic EDM tips – and Logic Pro – from legendary musician, Olav Basoski! When it comes to producing dance music, nobody does it better than composer, producer and music artist, Olav Basoski. With hundreds of chart topping hits in his dance music arsenal, Olav takes you through his creative and technical process in designing an original EDM track in Logic Pro. This step-by-step course starts with the kick and takes you bar-by-bar, track-by-track on an electrifying dance music journey. When you arrive at the final destination you will see how a master musician like Olav imagines, realizes and arranges an explosive EDM track. However, that’s only half of the story. The real value here is how Olav generously shares his creative process. You get to see where his ideas comes from and how he brings them to life – and that’s priceless! Creativity is the essential ingredient of any art. This course – The ART of EDM – combines that essence with Olav’s deep, technical know-how to create a collection of tutorials that let you go deep inside a producer’s brain and emerge with techniques that will get you itchin’ to produce your next track! So “kick” back and enjoy this friendly, informative and enjoyable course from one of our favorite trainers ...and be sure to check out our ever-expanding, world’s largest collection of professionally-led Logic courses on the planet! Table of contents: 1. Introduction to EDM and Logic 2. Creating the Kick 3. Adding an Extra Kick 4. Creating the Snare 5. Adding Another Snare 6. Hi Hats 7. Percussion 8. Working with Track Stacks 9. Adding a Piano 10. Working with Folder Stacks 11. Adding a Synth 12. Layering Synths 13. Creating the Bass 14. The Power of Sidechains 15. Midi FX: The Arpeggiator 16. Adding an Electric Piano 17. Using The Drummer Track 18. Changing the Crash Cymbal 19. Drum Machines 20. Creating Background Strings 21. Sweeps and Smart Controls 22. Arranging the Track 23. More Arranging 24. Even More Arranging 25. A Little Bit More Arranging 26. Finishing Up the Arrangement 27. Olav’s EDM Wrap Up