The Caretaker – Dungeon Nightshift

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Oh no!! You've fallen from grace. The dungeon master has doomed you to clean the Dungeon. Not only you have to clean up the daily mess of the so called "heroes" who keep on attacking the dungeon every day. You also have to refill the treasure chest, reactivate the traps and feed the monsters. When they get hungry, they get louder and louder. If they wake up the dungeon master, he will kill you. Beware of Spiders. Never walk underneath them. Clean your way up to the top of the dungeon, and the master will set you free. "The Caretaker - Dungeon Nightshift" is a fun and challenging Dungeoncrawler with a fresh and unique gameplay. Discover three different dungeon designs. Each one comes with three different dungeons, each with three expansions. So you have to clean your way throughout twenty-seven Levels, to be free again. Plan your tasks, to fulfill your job within the short nights. Features • Unique Gameplay • 27 Levels • 3 Different dungeon designs • Jumpscares