The Fog (Full)

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Don't be afraid of The Fog. Fear what lies within it. What macabre threads tie these seemingly unrelated events into a single, terrifying story? To find out, play The Fog, a captivating hidden object game with more than a few surprises lurking along its misty paths. As you search the blood-smeared corridors of an empty hospital and the decayed remnants of a demolished military base, you'll search for useful items, solve cleverly designed puzzles, and play mini-games unlike any you have encountered. When fear threatens to overcome you, and you want to turn back, remember: the answer to the mystery lies within the haze. FULL VERSION FEATURES: * Access to full story right from the start! * Exciting time-traveling storyline * Stunning modern and medieval locations * Interactive conversations * Achievements for special actions * Puzzle-based HOG scenes FIND US in FACEBOOK: AlawarEntertainment