The Logo Tournament Pro

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@ Check your memory and typing speed, that how fast you can type. @ Did you know that on an average, we see nearly 3000 brands a day? That’s almost 3 brands per minute!! and average typing speed of human is only 20 WPM ( Word Per Minute). But how many of those brand logos do you actually remember and how fast you can type. ? Play The Logo Tournament Game and you’ll know! Features: - Extra Logos in Pro version - You can use this game as a typing tutor for kids and all. - You can check your memory capabilities. - In beginning levels logos will come with complete names, in medium level you have to guess the name of all logos. - A game for the entire family with all your favourite logos! - Plenty of levels to tackle in increasing order of difficulty. - Expert level is there for expert typist. All logos shown or represented in this game are copyright and or trademark of their respective corporations.