The Ritual On Weylyn Island

OS X 10.6.6
The Ritual on Weylyn Island is a First-Person Horror Story that takes place on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest. When Moira Weylyn returns to her Grandfather's home to settle his will -she discovers her family has disappeared and an ancient evil has awakened on the island. Moira realizes that her very fate lies in solving the greater mystery at the heart of the Island. During the game players can expect to explore the detailed island, discover clues, evade enemies solve simple puzzles to further the story. Full of dread, suspense and scares; the game features non-combat, run-and-hide elements and uses discoverable items to create a layered storyline, rich with discovery and and high on creep-factor. Features: Full controller support Resolution, Brightness & Audio Options Full Subtitles in: English Spanish German French Italian Russian Japanese Chinese