The Terminal 2

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'The Terminal 2' game is an airport management game. Land, park, unload, load, fuel and take off your fleet. The better you play the more planes you get every game-day. Expand your airport with more jetways, runways and with an international terminal. Find all these in your Build Menu for more. This is a fun airport simulator. Manage your airport and fly your planes. Be a real game tycoon and develop your airport and your aircraft fleet size as many of eight flights. - Be a super airport management game player, - real life like airport simulator, - Expand your airplane fleet, your airport size, your passenger numbers by connecting new transportation options, - Work as an airport manager, clear runways, take off planes, land your fleet, - Build new airplanes, create large airports, start new airplane routes, express yourself in the aviation market, - Enjoy the airport tycoon game experience, - Select from many aircraft types and earn more money and xp points by sending them to various locations, - Learn more about aviation tycoon games, 2.0.0 - main features: - improved graphics, completely redesigned buildings, improved tiles no gaps, tons of new eye-candys: passengers walking to the terminal building like small sim inhabitants or residents, all ground vehicles are driving around your airport and also to your airplane when unloading, completely new terminal building designs, many new radar facilities, some new plants nearby, redesigned approach lighting system, - lost of bug fixes usually all the ones you asked for or had difficulties with to mention some: improved weather, less snow and fog, less thick fog for better visibility, error messages when no jetways are available, notification when boarding is finished, tiny memory improvements, no more crashes behind the hangar, warning sign for danger zones, - extra hangar enabled, - heliport and helicopter enabled, TUTORIALS: ------------------ CREAING NEW PLANE: LANDING: Promotional video: For community: Like us on Facebook at: Game Development History: ------------------------------- I always loved "Flight games" but always I was missing some more realistic graphics. So in October 2012, I decided to create a game for myself and also for the masses of You. Hope you will enjoy playing this game as much as I enjoyed creating it...