The War of The Worlds

OS X 10.11
Our city is under assault by a space invader! You are hired to protect the city and the world. Fortunately, the city hall is equipped with a line gun powerful enough to reach the space invader in the sky. - Features - 1. Counter enemy's laser beam or falling bomb with the line gun installed at the city hall for a possible reward. 2. When a bomb lands right on or near a factory, a fire will erupt. Send a fire engine to the factory on fire before a huge explosion involves the entire city. 3. When the space invader becomes upset, it will toss an adult male or female it has abducted out to the sky. Save a falling citizen and get a guaranteed reward. 4. Call in an air reinforcement in time of trouble. 5. Protect the entire city with electromagnetic shield. Press S to turn on or off the shield. You must lower the shield in order to fire the line gun at the space invader. 6. Install a long-range gun at a dead apartment building to protect the city. 7. Every level has one or more objectives. 8. Upgrade weapons and equipment. - Requirements - 1. A desktop computer (including a laptop) with or without a retina display running macOS 10.11 or higher 2. At least 256 MB of memory dedicated to the game 3. A display capable of projecting at least 1,152 x 720 points of graphics - Restrictions - 1. In order to play all levels through Level 30, the user requires a one-time in-app purchase. 2. When you complete a level, you will move onto the next. And you cannot go back to a previous one. 3. You will collect all rewards only when you complete the current level. If you lose, you won't collect a penny.