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theChive Menu Bar for theChive website is an incredible app for quick access to the latest content on theChive website directly from your Mac's menu bar. Download this app today to gain instant access to theChive website. Here a a few of the great features of theChive Menu Bar: ⁕ Always running and available in your Mac's menu bar for instant access to theChive website. To get even more from this app, configure your system to launch theChive Menu Bar at startup. ⁕ Quick access to the best funny, viral and interesting photos from around the world. Simply click theChive icon in the menu bar and start browsing. ⁕ The theChive Menu Bar window size is optimized for the newest version of the theChive website. ⁕ Discreet launch icon won't clutter your system. Works great in environments were you need to quickly hide your browsing :) We hope you enjoy the convenience and efficiency of theChive Menu Bar. Enjoy! Legal Note: - theChive Menu Bar is a 3rd party application for the theChive Website and is in no way endorsed or affiliated with Resignation Media, LLC. - theChive Logo are trademarks of Resignation Media, LLC.