OS X 10.7
*** Summer Special Offer for a Limited Time!!! Reg Price:$18.99!! *** Let's do a complete cleaning on our Mac with TheDuplicatesFinder now! This is a very useful duplicates file finder and remover. You just point it at a directory and sic it on your files. After a few moments it gives a list of anything that is doubled-up on your machine, and then the fun begins. Duplicate files can be divided into several kinds, like the files with same name but in different path and files with same content but different name. Common duplicate file finder could find the first kind of files only. But for TheDuplicatesFinder, it can find files with same content even if those files have different names. Easy-to-use and clear interface: - A delightfully designed interface - Support drag-n-drop to add folders for scanning - Scan individual or multiple folders in one go Powerful scanning engine: - MD5 value checksum algorithm based to compare file's actual contents - Find duplicate files instantly and accurately, with comparing file size and actual contents - Support external drives and network volumes scanning - Support remove duplicates from your iTunes and iPhoto libraries - Locate duplicate in images, music, video, compressed archives, documents and others - You could hide certain files to ensure they are not scanned next time File info & Deleting: - Visualize the size and information of your files - You could specify the filter and sort duplicates depending on the duplicate numbers, size or scanning order - Built-in preview of the duplicated items, easily view file metadata to decide which file to delete - You can easily see where the duplicates are located - Manual removal of duplicates, and lets you final check, there is no going back - Select multiple files to remove and real-time results With TheDuplicatesFinder, you can find and remove duplicates and free your hard drive spaces easily and quickly. Enjoy! Besides, we are glad to receive your thoughts via email or reviews on the app store to help us making any improvements to future versions of this app.