Thermodynamics Calculator

OS X 10.10
Thermodynamics Calculator is an easy to use App that Contains 49 Calculators Thermodynamics Calculator includes the following Calculators: - Heat Flow - Stefan Boltzmann Law - Radiation Energy - Otto Cycle Compression Ratio (CR) - Carnot Cycle Efficiency - Stefan–Boltzmann Law - Radiant Heat Energy - Heat Transfer Rate - Thermal Linear and Volumetric Expansion - Thermal Volumetric Expansion Coefficient - Thermal Linear Expansion Coefficient - Thermal Diffusivity - Thermal Conductivity - Hall Voltage - Ehrenfest Equation for Second Order Phase Transition - Ehrenfest Equation for First Order Phase Transition - Van der Waals Force (Interaction) - Log Mean Temperature Difference (LMTD) - Heat Transfer (Q) - Flow Coefficient (Cv) for Saturated Wet Steam - Solar Panel Capacity - Solar Panel Requirement - Van der Waals Gas Critical Pressure - Dieterici Gas Critical Pressure - Dieterici Gas Reduced Pressure - Gas Viscosity - Black Body Radiation Exitance - Reduced Van der Waals Equation of State - Critical Molar Volume of Van Der Waals Gas - Van der Waals Gas Critical Temperature - Critical Molar Volume of Dieterici Gas - Mean Free Path - Dieterici Gas Equation of State Pressure - Flow Coefficient of Air - Specific Latent Heat - Mechanical Advantage - Monatomic Gas Pressure - Fermi Energy of Fermi Gas - Fermi Temperature of Electrons - Fermi Gas Electron Heat Capacity - Density of States of Fermi Gas - Phase Transition Latent Heat - Clausius Clapeyron Relation - Phonon Lattice Thermal Conductivity - Internal Energy of Monatomic Gas - Flow Coefficient of Air and Gases for Non-Critical Pressure Drop - Convective Heat Transfer - Isentropic Flow Pressure Relation Based on Temperature - Mean Heat Transfer Rate of Heat Exchanger - Most Probable Speed in Maxwell Boltzmann Distribution - Kirchhoff's Law Radiative Transfer to Find Source Function It Also Includes: - Formula for Each Calculator - Description for Each Calculator - Copy Answer Button - Clear Button - Clear All Button