Tick Tock

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INTRODUCING A NEW WAY OF KEEPING TIME. SET AND BLOW! Set an alarm or countdown timer in dramatic fashion with Tick Tock. Pick the time and Tick Tock will simply do the rest, from counting down the last minute to exploding and notifying you of an important event in your life. Enjoy this fun and exciting new way to stop forgetting things you have to do at a certain time. The timer section of this app will display a prominent countdown mechanism that can be very helpful if you need to keep track of events in this fashion. Enjoy and have some fun with this great gadget. This is another app from ILifeTouch that will make your life easier one day at a time. Features * Command Central to control all time settings * up to 8 separate timers can be set simultaneously * 8 time choices for quick use (reference) * all mini timers can be colour coded * all mini timers can be tagged with a written label * animation and warning in the last 15 seconds * 15 second countdown on the dock icon * current time is displayed in Command Central * explosion time is displayed in each set mini timer * iTunes compatible