Tile Game Classic

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Tile Game Classic brings the timeless sliding puzzle into a new, modern age. Play from anywhere on your Mac in Today view in Notification Center. Select, shuffle, GO! Taking inspiration from Dashboard's Tile Game widget, Tile Game Classic lets you experience a classic game, reimagined for a modern era. Choose from the 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, or the impossibly tricky 6x6 grid and one of three photos (or add your own photo for a unique twist). The photo you choose will be split up into multiple pieces which are then randomly shuffled. Then you have to set out rearranging it - how quickly can you manage it?! Each tile moves with one click - the controls are one of the easiest things you will ever learn, but the skill which is required to solve the puzzle is one of the hardest. Are you able to think two, three, four (and more!) moves ahead? HOW TO PLAY: 1. Download the app 2. Add the Tile Game widget in Today view by opening Notification Center (top right of the screen), scrolling down and clicking 'Edit' 3. Use the Settings button to open the companion app to choose your image and grid size 4. Click the image to shuffle the pieces, and again to stop 5. Have fun! In memoriam, Dashboard.app: gone, but never forgotten. Tile Game Classic is also available for iOS.