Time Calc : Calculator over Hours Minutes Seconds

OS X 10.8
Time Calc is an app that allows you to calculate hours and minutes without the need to convert those values into their decimal counterparts. The iOS version app "Time + Calculator over Hours Minutes and Seconds" is available in the iOS App Store. ***** FEATURES ***** • Time calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). • hh:mm and hh:mm:ss. • Infinite mode and 12/24 hour mode. • Shortcut key to enter the time of now. • Ability to copy the result to pasteboard. • Ability to make the app always-on-top. ***** WHAT USERS SAY ***** "Quick and easy to add a list of hours and minutes. Works with apple extended keyboard, so all calcuations can be done off the keypad with no mousing." "I do video work and I’m always having to add together run time for segments to get a total run time for a show before it’s put together. This makes it easy."