Time Calculator

OS X 10.6
This is the simplest app to make your time calculations. Install and open the app and start to add and subtract days, hours, minutes and seconds. What date-time will be in the next 23 days 13 hours 15 minutes?. Press the "Now" button and add the days, minutes, hours and seconds you want. You don't need to configure anything. Other things you can do: - How many minutes are 280 seconds?. Type 280s and press twice the "=" sign. You will get 4m 40s - How many time has passed from 9:23 AM yo 2:32 PM?. Type 14h32m - 9h23m and you will get 5h 9m 0s - Press the calendar button to add and subtract days, hours, minutes and seconds to any date - Store answers in memory - Save reminders and calendar events just from within the app (Right Click on the answer in the calculator screen)