Time Zone Converter and Clock

OS X 10.9.0
Calculate exact time anywhere in the world across time zones. Use the world clock to see the current time around the world. Please try our free web app with the same functionality at https://timezoneconverterapp.com/ before purchasing this app. Time Zone Converter is perfect for: ● Arranging the conference call time with remote client, team or overseas​ friends ● Meeting and webinar time planning ● Travel planning ● TV shows and live events planning ● Game coordination Features: ● Time zone converter/calculator ● Time range indicator (business time, business overtime, personal time, sleeping time) ● Indicator of the time difference with local time zone ● All time zones of the world with daylight saving time offsets ● 12 and 24-hours time format ● Work with multiple time zones and cities at once ● Neat color themes Note: We have more than 600 biggest cities in our app, that cover ALL possible world time zones. If you need calculating time for some city that is not present in our app, please use the more global time zone that is used in that city — usually, it is the capital city time zone. And you can always use the time zone by its name, like GMT+2, Eastern Time (ET), Pacifiс Time (PT), India Standard Time (IST) etc. Our happy customers say: — “This is definitely one of my daily apps!” — “A real boost for my productivity” — “I'm never lost in time zones now” — “Just love it!”