Timeline – A widget to bring Twitter on your Notification Center

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Timeline brings Twitter on your Notification Center. See tweets of your timeline wherever and whenever you want! FEATURES Customizable: Choose how many tweets you want to show. Quick: Click on a tweet to open it, if the tweet contains a link you'll be taken directly to it. Shortcuts: Click the Blue Bird to send a tweet (via browser). Safe: Your password isn't stored on your Mac! Authentication via Twitter OAuth. INITIAL SETUP 1) Open the app 2) Click "Login with Twitter", your web browser will be opened. 3) Complete the authorization process. 4) Come back to the app and check that your account was been correctly recognized. 5) Open the widget and click "Always Allow" when you see the prompt: "Timeline wants to use your confidential information stored in net.doublerew.Timeline in your keychain." (Twice!)