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Timer Blocks is a unique productivity tool, designed to help you maintain focus, build new habits and get more out of your day than ever before! It allows you to create simple lists of Timers and Reminders, which guide you through the things you'd like to get done on a regular basis.... http://www.timerblocks.com Timer Blocks uses principles similar to timeboxing or the Pomodoro technique to help maximize your daily productivity and results. Can you think of simple activities that might improve your life (or work) if you actually did them regularly? Do you ever have trouble remaining consistent while trying to develop a new habit or skill? That's where Timer Blocks might be able to help! Forget about rigid schedules and appointments. The basic idea with Timer Blocks is to create activity lists of specific things you'd like to do at regular intervals, such as a morning or afternoon routine. An activity can either be a simple reminder that you'd like to check off, or a timer that you launch to focus exclusively on a particular task. It doesn't matter if you start your routine at 8:00 AM exactly or 8:13 AM, there's no rigid scheduling involved. It only matters that once you start a session, you try your best to focus on what you'd like to actually get done. Most of us aren't robots, yet traditional calendar apps and time management tools treat us like we are. Put simply, Timer Blocks offers a flexible solution where you're reminded of everything you'd like to get done, and it even helps you track your progress over time! You can take breaks between activities-- don't overwork yourself!-- or occasionally skip the ones that are less important, but having a simple framework in place to remind you of what's important just might make all the difference in your daily productivity.