Times Tables Shield

OS X 10.5
Learn how to multiply with Smudge in Space! Go to our website to see a video demonstration of this great app! The Earth is in danger: a storm of asteroids is threatening it and only Smudge the Spaniel can save the world! Help Smudge by activating and keeping alive the deflector shield by answering the multiplication associated with the incoming asteroid. With Smudge's Times Table Shield, your children will learn and improve their math and calculation skills whilst having fun. This app, starring Smudge, the award winning Spaniel who has already helped your children learn literacy and math with other Magmentis products, has been developed with the assistance of educational experts and is specifically designed to teach times tables, improve calculation skills and entertain your children thanks to new animations and sounds. With the possibility of high score tables, your children will be able to play real calculation competitions with their friends, and you'll always be able to track their progress.