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Finally! A simple and beautiful timer! TimeStats is just the beginning of a multi-function stopwatch designed with simple usage in mind. Including the advanced timer-entry field of LiveTime, you can easily pick a start time or make adjustments while your timer is running. TimeStats' UI can fold into several different minimized modes to help you get the most out of your timers. Additionally, you can create more independent timers with unique and custom names that are kept between app launches. Features: • Count up / down modes. • Setting of manual start time or updating to a new start time. • Adjust the timer by simply adding or subtracting with the adjustments field. • The Stats Table shows a simple view of the time differences / laps between marks. • The interface can fold into a smaller modes with less controls or even without the Stats Table. • Create multiple timers and give them a custom name. • Timer names and locations will restore between application launches. • Create a simple note for each time snap. • Export a CSV file of your snaps. • Select multiple entries to see a sum of the time. • Remove a specific entry. • Support for full screen and split view.