Timork: Focus Timer

OS X 10.11
Time to work. Time for Timork. Perform your tasks with Timork. Boost your performance, control your time. Get rid of chaos and work more regularly. Timork allows you to manage your work better. You can access the tasks planned for today at any time. You can access overdue and completed tasks* at any time. Each task can have a different deadline. You can specify it before starting a task, change it during its performance or leave it unspecified. It is you who decides on your work system. Nevertheless, you may be certain than Timork will let you learn more about the way you work. The longer you work with Timork, the better your task organisation awareness will be. As it improves, you will streamline your tasks better. Knowing that everyone likes to be awarded for their work, Timork features ranks and achievements. Additionally, you will be awarded golden stars. You can use them to buy view themes. The most significant features of the programme: ・ tasks with time control ・ division into groups and projects ・ version and value specified for tasks ・ tasks with a break ・ timer with statistics ・ browsing tasks according to date ・ searching and filtering ・ graphs ・ notifications before deadline ・ achievements and ranks ・ 12 view themes ・ import and export ・ iCloud sync** ・ integrated help Go on and try Timork today. Check whether it is what you are looking for. * free version allows viewing up to 5 tasks in the management view. To lift the limitation, purchase the PRO version. ** synchronization is only active for users who are logged into a iCloud account, with enabled iCloud Drive (System Preferences -> iCloud -> iCloudDrive).