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This is a small OS X demo utility client for Python based Robot Inteactive Development Environment (PyRIDE), a research and development oriented Open Source middleware intend to make a little easier to program robots such as PR2 and Aldebaran NAO. For details on PyRIDE, check https://github.com/uts-magic-lab/pyride_pr2. TiN Remote is a simple demonstration of what remote client one can be built with PyRIDE. TiN Remote provides a user level access* to PyRIDE server running on a supported robot platform. One can get realtime camera and audio feeds from the robot. Furthermore, you can control both the head and body movements of the robot. You can type text into TiN Remote, utilising the robot's Text-to-Speech system to speak your input text. TiN Remote essentially allows you to remote control the robot. NOTE: This utility is NOT for general public use. Unless you have a supported robot and want to evaluate and utilise PyRIDE, this application is NO USE to you. * You must have setup a valid PyRIDE user account on the robot.