TLOB – Time Left On Battery

OS X 10.12
Missing the battery time remaining when using your Macbook? This light and straightforward utility solves your problem: it brings it back to the top-right menu bar in macOS! Knowing approximately how much battery time is left can prove very useful in a number of different scenarios (e.g. before a presentation, while travelling and no power outlets are available, and so on...). Just open TLOB (or add it to Settings -> Users -> Login Items to automatically start at login) and a status icon will appear in the top-right menu bar. This app has 3 statuses represented with emojis: ● [Plug emoji] = Connected to power: you'll just see the plug icon and no time remaining cause the power is "unlimited"; ● [Plug & Battery emojis] = Just disconnected from AC power and calculating the remaining time on battery (it typically needs a few seconds to do so); ● [Battery emoji + hours&minutes] = Running on battery and displaying the remaining time. This is as simple as that: TLOB does exactly what it promises to do. Enjoy :)